Using Azure IOT SDK In Android

Azure is a great IoT platform. They have SDK’s in all major languages. At OnRue Technology Solutions  when we integrated Azure with Android for our product DataWheels , we faced a lot of surprises. I am highlighting key changes we did for using Azure SDK seamlessly and successfully in Android OS. When we started, we did not think that we need to make changes as Android uses Java and Azure Java SDK works fine independently. However, the problem is that Azure SDK’s were developed using Java8 features, namely Lambda expressions and Android did not support Java 8 (atleast till August 2016 when we developed). Note that we used the master branch from Azure SDK git hub Here

We used SDK for both registering a device as well sending a message to Azure IOT Hub. Read below to know what we did. We used Android API version 18 as minimum SDK version and 23 as target SDK version and tested in KitKat device(Samsung Galaxy S3)  Continue reading “Using Azure IOT SDK In Android”

IoT Platform Selection

At OnRue Technology Solutions , we were developing DataWheels, an IoT solution targetting personal and public transport. First key decision we (or rather Myself as an Architect, Product Manager and CTO) need to decide was the IoT platform to use. While there were lot of options available in market , we short listed following platforms

  1. Azure
  2. Google Cloud Platform
  3. AWS

I also had a look at Artik, Samsung etc. They did not appear to be a correct fit for our solution. This post will mention what parameters and thought process by which we chose the Platform for our solution. This study was done in second week of August 2016. So by the time you read this, there could be some changes in terms of capabilities of these platforms.

Once DataWheels has been launched, we will provide more info about our use cases. But the post can be starting point for things to consider. Based on your use cases, you  might be required to look at few more aspects.

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Suggestion on Makila E-Haat

Dear PMO,

I need to thank and congratulate you for launching MahilaEHaat , an Online marketplace for SHG to sell their products. I got to know about it from link in So for a moment, i thought it is an affiliate of Indian Railways. As a responsible citizen, i would like to provide  few suggestions. If you are wondering, what are my credentials, i would like to say that i have run HobbyShopIndia, a online market place for art and handicraft makers. Due to shortage of funds, I could not run it well, I will be closing it soon. As they say, failures are stepping stones to success, i have learnt my lessons and would like to share my thoughts/knowledge. Below are my suggestions

  1. Hope you have taken lessons from, which was closed.
  2. Brand Value: Mahila E-haat could make a reference in hindi. But arguably it is not a great brand name with a good recall.
  3. What are the marketing strategies you have? Given that you have provided link in irctc site, there are lot of options
    • Provide ads in Railway stations.
    • Give link to site in ticket confirmation SMS.
    • Ads in railway coaches(With free wifi in stations)
    • Provide stalls in Railway stations.
    • Give these products as gift for high value customers, travelers who take package tours etc.
    • Add customer loyalty program in railways which can be redeemed at this site.
    • With a huge customer base of Irctc, it provides various touch points. Providing a omni channel experience helps.
  4. Technical improvements:This is an ever ending topic. But few are few obvious things
    • URLs are not SEO friendly.
    • Page loading time is high.
    • The home page layout is not great. It gives lot of things about organisation and doesnot take to products quickly.
    • Product pages does not have detailed product specifications.
    • Better images from various angles are desired.
    • No Social sharing of the products in site.
    • What is the need for number of visitors in product page.?
  5. Hope you do not get help or feedback from major online reatailers like Flipkart, snapdeal etc. They have conflicting interest and might not be purely committed to your goals.
  6. Training is required for vendors to improve on lot of things.


My Projects on IoT

While I have few ideas which are more of a short term and for me to learn the basics, I have following ideas in my mind.  I need to admit that I was sceptical about posting it even before first version of PoC is ready. The risk of some body implementing it before me exists ( I am over optimistic to be precise, but you never know). However I see that by publishing about my plans

  1. I can get honest feed back.
  2. Help, Tips,Suggestions to make it better. Perhaps people better than me can collaborate with me.

Following are the projects. Feel free to contact me if you feel if the ideas are good and worthwhile pursing it and if you would like to collaborate/help me.

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My Past Ventures

Though i have been working with various companies from 2003, on my personal interest, I have worked on following personal projects. Though the number seems to be small, I have no complaints or regrets. As my old blog ( which has details about them is no more available, I am writing  small details about them.

  1. Book-A-Friend
  2. MyCityTraffic
  3. HobbyShopIndia

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