IoT Platform Selection

At OnRue Technology Solutions , we were developing DataWheels, an IoT solution targetting personal and public transport. First key decision we (or rather Myself as an Architect, Product Manager and CTO) need to decide was the IoT platform to use. While there were lot of options available in market , we short listed following platforms

  1. Azure
  2. Google Cloud Platform
  3. AWS

I also had a look at Artik, Samsung etc. They did not appear to be a correct fit for our solution. This post will mention what parameters and thought process by which we chose the Platform for our solution. This study was done in second week of August 2016. So by the time you read this, there could be some changes in terms of capabilities of these platforms.

Once DataWheels has been launched, we will provide more info about our use cases. But the post can be starting point for things to consider. Based on your use cases, you  might be required to look at few more aspects.

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