My Past Ventures

Though i have been working with various companies from 2003, on my personal interest, I have worked on following personal projects. Though the number seems to be small, I have no complaints or regrets. As my old blog ( which has details about them is no more available, I am writing  small details about them.

  1. Book-A-Friend
  2. MyCityTraffic
  3. HobbyShopIndia


This was done in 2009 mid. The idea is pretty simple. This was meant to bring to-gather people who own books and want to let it out and people who would like to read them.  People who want to borrow books can see which owners in their vicinity are ready to lent out books and what books are available. When it was developed, mobile, social media and communication platforms weren’t matured the way how they are now. Even I had a thought to tweak it for e-books area.


I got this idea in 2010 end, when me and my brother were working for the same employer and we were taking different routes on different days and time of the week based on different parameters (say after holidays, early morning or not etc.).  The aim of the app is to get real time travel data from users for different travel types (Bike, Car, Train ,Bus ). When a user gives the starting and end destination, it will give time taken in different routes real time based on data acquired real time from other fellow travellers. At that time, there was also a plan to incorporate route recommendation based on previous details and traffic patterns. I started serious on it from February 2011. I even took a sabbatical of 3 months in 2011 (july-september) to work on it. I had the app published in Google App store in September 2011. In countries like India, route which might work for two wheelers might not work for people travelling by car. So customers can get more customized recommendation based on their travel pattern. However the app was not refined to be precise and I did not have resources to continue further. So after an year, I had taken the app down. It is one of the decision I still regret. After a couple of years, Google has acquired Waze, which was also providing similar service.


Unlike my earlier two attempts, this is still alive when I am writing this. I got this idea in 2011 End. My wife was good in making handicraft items. I also remember my mother also used to create some unique handicraft items. My wife was not finding a good platform to sell products. I smelt an opportunity and started . It is basically a market place where any artisans can sign up and upload their products. There are no sign up fees , annual fees and we charge only a small commission upon sales. The timing was perfect as e-commerce was booming in India and not much of players in this domain ( has not started operations in India then). I registered the company in 2012 March and it became operational in 2013 Jan (after integrating with Payment gateway and approvals). Though we didn’t set cash registers ringing and did not appear in any economic times article about filler e-commerce segment articles, i found the experience very enriching on management aspects. I will write a separate detailed post about it later.

So my failures are over.  What next? I am planning to do something in IoT and I have some concrete plans. Hope at-least this will click.

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