My Projects on IoT

While I have few ideas which are more of a short term and for me to learn the basics, I have following ideas in my mind.  I need to admit that I was sceptical about posting it even before first version of PoC is ready. The risk of some body implementing it before me exists ( I am over optimistic to be precise, but you never know). However I see that by publishing about my plans

  1. I can get honest feed back.
  2. Help, Tips,Suggestions to make it better. Perhaps people better than me can collaborate with me.

Following are the projects. Feel free to contact me if you feel if the ideas are good and worthwhile pursing it and if you would like to collaborate/help me.

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My Past Ventures

Though i have been working with various companies from 2003, on my personal interest, I have worked on following personal projects. Though the number seems to be small, I have no complaints or regrets. As my old blog ( which has details about them is no more available, I am writing  small details about them.

  1. Book-A-Friend
  2. MyCityTraffic
  3. HobbyShopIndia

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