Book Review : Infinity In a Box

Infinity In A Box

Disclaimer: Author of this book is brother of one of my close friend. However I have given a neutral review. You can order book from Here Below is my review

To be frank, I was not aware of this book till my friend told me. I was happy that brother of my friend has become an author.  Science fiction is a genre that I don’t usually read and I bought this book only for my friend. The premise of the book is interesting and the book starts in an interesting manner. Continue reading “Book Review : Infinity In a Box”

Lost And Found

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This blog is a continuation of my previous blog Due to un forseen issues, i had lost my domain and i could not retrieve my old domain. So my old domain ( is lost. In one sense, it is good. I am having a new beginning now.  I created that domain perhaps in 2007 or 2008 may be. I had blogged about log of stuffs like Book Reviews, Movie reviews, My observation on social issues, My Ideas and thoughts, My Experiments etc.

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